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The Right Bat

What is the right bat for my player?

Good question…as there is no perfect bat for every batter.  Personal preference plays into the right bat decision in almost all cases.  Some hitters will prefer the feel of an alloy bat, while others will prefer the feel of a composite bat.  A general rule is that alloy bats will perform better in cooler conditions such as fall and early spring.  As the composite does not perform as well cold as it does when hot.  To go a step further, some hitters will prefer the feel of a 2 piece composite vs. a 1 piece composite bat.  The 2 piece in most cases will eliminate most “stinging” in the batters hands on a mishit and tends to be very forgiving.  Whereas the 1 piece composite can hit the ball a little further in some cases, there is the downside of your hands really feeling the effect on a mishit!

To take this question a level deeper…how many games does your player play a year?  If your player plays only rec league baseball and plays 10-15 games in the spring and fall, you do not need to be spending big money on a bat.  A good solid alloy bat or good used model will do everything you will need it do and will make both you and your player very happy.

If your player is playing travel baseball and/or rec league plus all stars..challenge etc. it is a wise investment to spend some money on a high end bat.  As you will need a high quality product to stand up and continue to perform when taking as many cuts as will be taken.

Our team takes great pride in helping you select the correct bat for your player and your budget.  The most expensive bat is not always the best option!

Bat Sizing Chart